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All the kits since 1878

United Kits

We are in the process of re-designing the kit pages for each season on the site.

When a season has been updated it's link will be added to the 'United's kits' menu.

The links to those seasons still to be updated can be found in the 'Outfield Kits' and 'Goalkeeper Kits' menus.

Testimonial Kits

United Testimonial Kits

The kits worn in post-war testimonial games at Old Trafford. The kits are grouped together in periods rather than by season.

Miscellaneous Kis

United Miscellaneous Kits

The kits that cannot be easily classified can be found here.

Kits History

A series of articles detailing aspects of the history of United's kits. We have also imcluded a comprehensive history of the club badge with images taken from player issued shirts.



Free desktop wallpapers designed by Tim Ashmore.

Latest News and site updates

January 31st 2016

Over the next couple of days we will be improving the design of the site when viewed on smart phones (both Android and iPhones). Unfortunately this may temporarily disrupt the site so apologies but we will be back to normal shortly.

January 29th 2016

Daniel has discovered that Paul Scholes wore a new variant shirt in the second half of the game at the Dell in April 1996. We have included the details on the 1995/96 page.

January 19th 2016

We have revised the labels on this season's kits, which have a large number indicating the shirt size rather than the usual S/M/L sizes that are featured on the replica kits.

We have also discovered MUFC Collection, a site devoted to a personal collection of player issued United shirts.

December 20th 2015

The pages covering United's pre First World War pages have all been refreshed in the new design and uploaded to the site.As part of the process we have discovered that several of United's players wore the Players' Union armband at Arsenal in September 1910.

December 16th 2015

We had a momentary melt-down today but we've managed to restore all the pages - our apologies if you were visiting the site when it crashed.

December 5th 2015

We have made a major discovery- United's first change shirts were green and white and not blue and white as was first thought. Our evidence is a match report from United's game at Bistol City in September 1902 and the Lancashire League handbook for 1903/04.

We have reviewed all of United's early change kits as a result, with help from Dave Moor at Historical Kits, and have uploaded and revised the kit pages for the seasons between 1902-1907, which now include information on the public practice games.

Our research into the kits between 1907-1914 is continuing and we will update the site if necessary. Watch this space.

November 8th 2015

Photographs in the Daily Sketch, uploaded to Leslie Millman's Flickr photostream, show United wearing their white shirts with red V in the League game at Bramall Lane in October 1909. We have added this kit to the 1909/10 pages.

We also corrected club badges from the Admiral and adidas eras and added a photograph of the shirt embroidery for the 2008 FIFA Club World Cup

October 19th 2015

We have updated the article on the history of United's club badge and added a new article on the embroidered shirts worn by United in Cup Finals and other big games.

October 17th 2015

We have updated the 2004/05 season after we learnt that several United players wore the 2003/04 change shirt in the League game at Southampton in May 2005. The Premier League sleeve patches had been sown over the Champions patches. Many thanks to Pete Royal for the information and a photograph of the shirt.

October 16th 2015

We are making good progress on updating the site to the new design. All of the Testimonial kits, the Miscellaneos kits and the articles on the history of United's kits have now been uploaded with the new design. The sitemap has been updated with links to all the new pages.

We will now begin work on the individual season kit pages.

Previous updates ...

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Worn by United

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Manchester United Match2Match

Paul is the author of a series of books on United's history which can be bought at


Each book covers a single season with first team results, match reports, player profiles. There are also weekly league tables as well as the results from other games and details of the Reserve and Junior team matches.

Contacting untedkits

We rely on contributions to maintain the acuracy of the site. If you have discovered a kit that we do not feature on the site, or believe we may have made a mistake, please contact us and if possible attach a photograph of the kit.

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