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This site was originally conceived by Paul Nagel and Tim Ashmore and launched in October 2009. Since then Tommy Nielsen and Daniel Gellatley have joined the team.

Our research is on-going and we appreciate any contributions that help in our aim to provide the definitive online guide to United's kits. The site is constantly updated with information from a host of regular contributors.Please clear your browser cache and refresh the page if you are a regular visitor to This will ensure you are viewing the latest version.

The evidence for the kits on this site

All of the kits we feature have been extensively researched and we are confident of their authenticity.

Although we do not reproduce photographs on this site for copyright reasons, most of the kits have been verified from contemporary photographs.

In some cases we have made educated guesses to the kits worn by United but always make a note of our assumptions in the accompanying text.


We can be contacted by email here. Please remember this site is run as a hobby and if you contact us please be patient, we will reply.

We also have a comments page in which you can leave any questions or post your comments on United's kits down the years.

Latest news and site updates

June 19th 2015

We have added the kits worn by United in the 1988 pre-season. Daniel has also discovered a new sock style worn in the 1995/96 UEFA Cup. Both the corrected outfield and goalkeeper's kits have been uploaded.

June 6th 2015

The improved Premier League logo has been added to the gaolkeeping shirts for the seasons from 2007/08. We have also uploaded new goalkeeper number graphics for the 2002/03 and 2003/04 seasons, and corrected a mistake on the 1984/85 European goalkeeper shirts.

Daniel has discovered a new shirt won by Scmeichel in the 1991/92 season. In the opening fixtures the shirt did not have the Football League sleeve patch. The graphics of all the gaolkeeping shirts and numbers have also been improved for this season and for 1990/91.

We have added the kit worn at Maine Road against City in the Manchester International Tournament in 1987/88 and corrected the kits worn in the Amsterdam Tornament 1986/87.The kits worn in the 1990/91 pre-season games have also been added.

Finally the shorts worn as part of United's European kit during the 1999/2000 season featured two gold stars on the club badge. We have revised the page.

June 1st 2015

Now the season is over Daniel's match by match summary of the kits worn by de Gea and Valdes in 2014/15 has been uploaded.

Regular contributor Keith Ellis has discovered a photo of United in the V-neck aertex shirt worn at the start of the 1967/68 season, whilst Sean Moran and Tony Russell have identified kits worn by United in 1972/73 and 1975/76. The pages for those seasons have been updated.

Also thanks to Tom Erik Gundersen who sent us a photo of a 1992/93 third kit shirt which clearly shows the Umbro logo was embroidered.

Daniel has discovered that the black shorts worn by United in the Maine Road 'derby' in 1975/76 were not plain as we first believed. They were loaned from City's change kit and featured an Umbro logo. This has been confirmed by United shirt collector Mike Dixon

Enjoy the summer. More updates soon.

January 2nd 2015

A happy New Year to United fans everywhere. Tim has created a Facebook page for United Kits and we will be adding Like buttons to this site shortly.

Over the holidays we have received a couple of interesting contributions. Roy Jeffries sent a photo of a new variant home shirt from 1975/76, probably worn at Park Head in the testimonial for Bobby Lennox and Jimmy Johnstone in May 1976.

Krisi Blazeski has pointed out that whenever United have worn black shorts with their home kit this season, the shorts are from the change kit (i.e. with a red Nike swoosh and not a white swoosh as we were showing). He's also provided a little known fact that in 1997/98 Wes Brown made his United début in a replica shirt rather than a player's issue shirt.

Thanks to Roy and Krisi.

December 7th 2014

Daniel discovered a small error on the Premier League player's shirt numbers from 2007-2014. He has corrected this error and the 2007/08 to 2014/15 season pages have been updated.

November 23rd 2014

Daniel has discovered the kits worn in the four 1986/87 pre-season games. The web page for this season has been updated with these kits. The final pre-seson game was Steve Coppell's testimonial.

November 1st 2014

Sean Moran has discovered photographs of United wearing the Admiral kit for the first time in a pre-season friendly in Jakarta in June 1975. We have updated the 1975/76 pages to include the new kit.

Since our last update Daniel has discovered United's 'keeper's shirt included a number on the back for the first time during 1973/74. Daniel has also revised the goalkeeper shirt numbers 1992-94, which were embriodered rather than printed on the shirt as we had originally thought.

Finally we have corrected the kit worn against Fejenoord in the 1983/84 pre-season friendly.

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The Outfield Kits outfield kits

The kits worn by United's outfield players are listed by season - the home, change and third kits are included along with variants.

The kits worn in cup finals and other big games, or to commemorate trophies are included in their appropriate seasons.

The Goalkeeper Kits goalkeeper kits

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The kits are grouped into periods rather than season by season.As with the outfield players the home, change, third and special kits are included.

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The kits worn in post war testimonials for United players have their own pages which can be found in the Testimonials section.

We focus chiefly on testimonial games played at Old Trafford.The kits are grouped together in periods rather than by season.