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February 2nd 2019

We have raised the £300 we needed to cover the costs of hosting this site for the next three years. Many, many thanks to all those who donated so generously and who have helped keep on line.

January 27th 2019

We have launched an appeal to raise £300 to cover the costs of hosting this site for the next three years. Please donate if you are able and help keep on line.

December 1st 2018

Daniel has researched the wearing of tracksuit bottoms by Peter Scmeichel & Raimond van der Gouw in 1996/97. Five new images have been added to that season's kit page.

September 28th 2018

We have amended the black and white hooped shirts worn as a change/third kit between 1936-1945 after Charbel Boujaude sent us a match report from the Reserves game against Burnley in December 1937. The shirt worn in that game was described as black and gray hoops, although it may be that the dye had run.

September 20th 2018

The Admiral kits 1975-1980 and the first seasons of the adidas kits (1980-1982) have all been updated after Daniel's extensive research into this period. The shirt backs have also been updated.

We have also updated this season's Champions' League kits with information supplied by Denis Hurley.

September 4th 2018

We have uploaded all of the new kits for 2018/19 including the shirt backs. This season's nominted player is Academy graduate Jesse Lingard.

August 25th 2018

The 2018/19 season has been updated with the new outfield home and third kits and all three goalkeeper kits. We will be adding the shirt backs shortly. All of the pre-season kits are also included.

February 26th 2018

Andrew Shortman has sent us the following link to a fascinating British Movietone film of United's visit to West Ham in the FA Cup on February 25th 1911. Footage from United's game at Burnley on December 6th 1902 can be seen in this YouTube clip.

February 25th 2018

We have uploaded a new variant change kit worn at Blackpool during the 1955/56 season, identified by Paul English.

December 21st 2017

Happy Christmas and our best wishes for the New Year from all at unitedkits

November 21st 2017

We have updated the change kit from 1975/76 and 1976/77 with a black Admiral logo, rather than the red logo we had originally featured. Pavel Shalaev sent us photos from United's game at Anfield in November 1975 which shows the black logo. Further investigations suggest the red logo did not appear on the shirts until the 1977 Charity Shield game.

November 19th 2017

All pages have now been restored. If you find a broken link, please contact us so that it can be repaired.

November 15th 2017

As we are rebuilding the site after a mailicious attack, many of the pages will be temporarily unavailable. It may take a couple of days until all the pages are uploaded, so please be patient.

August 20th 2017

The 'new' change kit discovered by James Thomas has been added to the season pages for 1896-1902. We have also corrected the third kit socks worn against Barcelona in pre-season, and the goalkeeper shorts worn in the Super Cup. Many thanks to Felix Bagus for contacting us about our errors.

August 16th 2017

All of the new kits worn in pre-season have now been uploaded, and we hope to have the shirt numbers completed soon.

Sean Moran has discovered that Alex Stepney wore a training top in the friendly against AZ Alkmaar in August 1976. We have added this kit to the 1976/77 page.

James Thomas sent us a newspaper cutting of the match report from Newton Heath's visit to Walsall in January 1899 that states the 'Heathens' wore a chnage shirt described as a "red and black combination". See the article on United's kit history. This is the first mention we have found of this kit, but we have begun researching other match reports from the period.

July 17th 2017

We have begun to add the new kits to the 2017/18 pages. As the pre-season tour continues, the kits will be updated. The player shirt backs will be added when the season is a few weeks old and we have noninated the named player.

June 28th 2017

Many thanks to James Thomas, who has identified the kits worn by United on their three game pre-season tour to Denmark in 1975/76. The list of missing kits has been updated.

June 6th 2017

We have added the kits from Michael Carrick's Testimonial game on Sunday. Daniel has also revised the goalkeeping kits for 2016/17 to reflect the longer shorts worn by Sergio Romero. Over the next few weeks, we will be updating the outfield players' shirt backs from 1910 to 1932. Enjoy the summer!

April 27th 2017

After Iain McCartney contacted us with news that United had worn a black and white hooped shirt in the away game at Sheffield United on February 17th 1938, we have been researching the change kits worn around this time, and made some new discoveries.

From 1936/37, United's change kit, which we had assumed was red and white hoops, was in fact black and white hoops. United continued to wear this kit until after the Second World War. We have also found evidence that United wore white shirts with black shorts at Anfield in March 1937, and a blue shirt with white shorts at Barnsley in January 1938. We had previously believed this kit was first worn at Highbury in April 1939. It became the default change kit after the War.

All the new kits have been uploaded to the respective season pages, and we have also modified the outfield player's shirt backs from 1922 through to 1946.

January 20th 2017

The missing outfield change shirt backs for the period 1910-1922 have been added to the site.

January 19th 2017

Happy New Year to all! We have updated the graphics on most of the Newton Heath kits, and added the new shirt backs for those that we were missing.

December 26th 2016

Many thanks to Charbel Boujaoude for sending us a copy of an advert from 1887 that identifies a Nottingham sports outfitter as the supplier of Newton Heath's kits for that season. We have also been able to identify Umbro as the kit manufacturer of United's shirts from 1937/38 thanks to help from Tony Sealey. We have updated the Kit Manufacturers page with the latest information.

Incidentally, Charbel has recently published a new book (Red Tales) with twelve unknown stories from United's past. Details of the book can be found on Charbel's website..

December 24th 2016

Happy Christmas to United fans everywhere, and our best wishes for a happy and healthy 2017

November 4th 2016

We have revised the kits for the current season, with Ander Herrera deservedly now the featured player.

Contributor Sean Moran has identified the kit worn by United in the pre-season friendly against Blackpool in August 1981. Visit the 1981/82 page.

October 31st 2016

Contributor Sean Moran has identified the kit worn by United in the pre-season friendly against Southampton at Aberdeen in August 1981. Visit the 1981/82 page.

August 3rd 2016

During the summer Daniel has been busy researching the kits worn by United in friendly games since 1971. All of the kits identified so far have been uploaded and the missing kits document updated. Thanks to Sean Moran who helped with this project.

We have also started to upload the new 2016/17 kits, starting with those worn in pre-season. This task will be completed in the next couple of weeks.

April 28th 2016

Many of the unidentified friendly kits have now been identified! Many thanks to contributor Karl Ladley who diligently went through the list of missing kits and provided evidence for most of them. We have updated the list of kits that we are still missing. Please contact us if you can help.

April 22nd 2016

We have added a host of kits worn in friendly games between 1983 and 2002, thanks to some hard work from Daniel.

However we have been uable to identify all the kits worn in the friendly games played by United in this period and would like your help. The games that we are missing can be downloaded here. If you have know which kit was worn by United in any of these games we would be grateful if you get in touch.

We have included the testimonial games for David Sadler, Jimmy Rimmer and Wilf McGuiness, although we have been unable to confirm United's kits in the games at Preston and Swansea. Again please contact us if you can help.

March 28th 2106

Thanks to mufcshirts we haveadded the four missing badges to the article on the club badge worn in Cup Finals and other commemorative games.

March 13th 2016

We have found evidence that Newton Heath's first kit was a white shirt with blue cord, which was probably to distinguish team mates from the opposition and worn either as a sash or as a belt. The club colours were listed in the 'Sportsman's Year-book' of 1880 and 1881.

This follows our earlier discovery that the first kit worn by United's Reserves in 1902 was green and white striped shirts.

We are currently researching the period between 1881-1887 for evidence of the colours worn by Newton Heath.

March 10th 2016

We have added links to our Facebook page and Twitter account.

March 3rd 2106

We have now successfully moved to our new server and uploaded all of the refreshed, re-designed pages.

Over the coming week look out for a major announcement on the very first kit worn by Newton Heath in 1879 as well as additions to the pre-season kits and minor adjustments to the kits already listed.

February 26th 2016

All the seasons have now been updated and with the exception of the goalkeeper kits for 2006-2013, all of the kit images have been uploaded. The goalkeeper kits will be added once we have moved to the new server.

February 23rd 2016

The work on the site redesign is progressing well and in preparation for the move to our new server all of the old season pages have been replaced. We have not yet uploaded all of the kit images so please bear with us. The last few seasons from 1999-2014 should be completed by the end of March.

February 12th 2016

Our work to refresh existing pages to a more mobile-friendly design is continuing, and we have uploaded the early Newton Heath kits (1879-1893) this morning. They can now be found under 'The Kits' tab at the top of each page. We are now working on the early United kits (1902-1914) and will include several new goalkeeper kits found by Daniel.

January 31st 2016

Over the next couple of days we will be improving the design of the site when viewed on smart phones (both Android and iPhones). Unfortunately this may temporarily disrupt the site so apologies but we will be back to normal shortly.

January 29th 2016

Daniel has discovered that Paul Scholes wore a new variant shirt in the second half of the game at the Dell in April 1996. We have included the details on the 1995/96 page.

January 19th 2016

We have revised the labels on this season's kits, which have a large number indicating the shirt size rather than the usual S/M/L sizes that are featured on the replica kits.

We have also discovered MUFC Collection, a site devoted to a personal collection of player issued United shirts.

December 20th 2015

The pages covering United's pre First World War pages have all been refreshed in the new design and uploaded to the site.As part of the process we have discovered that several of United's players wore the Players' Union armband at Arsenal in September 1910.

December 16th 2015

We had a momentary melt-down today but we've managed to restore all the pages - our apologies if you were visiting the site when it crashed.

December 5th 2015

We have made a major discovery- United's first change shirts were green and white and not blue and white as was first thought. Our evidence is a match report from United's game at Bistol City in September 1902 and the Lancashire League handbook for 1903/04.

We have reviewed all of United's early change kits as a result, with help from Dave Moor at Historical Kits, and have uploaded and revised the kit pages for the seasons between 1902-1907, which now include information on the public practice games.

Our research into the kits between 1907-1914 is continuing and we will update the site if necessary. Watch this space.

November 8th 2015

Photographs in the Daily Sketch, uploaded to Leslie Millman's Flickr photostream, show United wearing their white shirts with red V in the League game at Bramall Lane in October 1909. We have added this kit to the 1909/10 pages.

We also corrected club badges from the Admiral and adidas eras and added a photograph of the shirt embroidery for the 2008 FIFA Club World Cup

October 19th 2015

We have updated the article on the history of United's club badge and added a new article on the embroidered shirts worn by United in Cup Finals and other big games.

October 17th 2015

We have updated the 2004/05 season after we learnt that several United players wore the 2003/04 change shirt in the League game at Southampton in May 2005. The Premier League sleeve patches had been sown over the Champions patches. Many thanks to Pete Royal for the information and a photograph of the shirt.

October 16th 2015

We are making good progress on updating the site to the new design. All of the Testimonial kits, the Miscellaneos kits and the articles on the history of United's kits have now been uploaded with the new design. The sitemap has been updated with links to all the new pages.

We will now begin work on the individual season kit pages.

October 15th 2015

Paul has uncovered evidence that the blue third kit which we believed had been worn between 1961-1964 did not exist and it has been removed from the season pages for those years. The kit was actually a change kit, first worn on September 19th 1964 at Stoke. It became United's third kit in the seasons thereafter.

October 11th 2015

All of the kits worn so far this season have been uploaded. As part of the site update we have changed the graphic for the shirt numbers which is now a view of the whole shirt. We will work through previous seasons updating the shirt number graphics and have already completed the 2014/15 season.

We have also added some new earliy goalkeeper shirts worn by United's goalkeepers between 1904 and 1909. These are included in the re-designed kit pages for those seasons and can be viewed from the 'United Kits' menu above.

August 17th 2015

John Ford has sent photographic evidence for many of the matches from the mid 1970s that we had been unable to identify United's kit. The 1975/76, 1976/77 and 1977/78 pages have all been updated with the information provided by John. Cheers mate!

We are working on the new adidas kits wihich will be uploaded shortly. The new designs certainly seem to have been well received.

July 28th 2015

We have started to re-design the site and plan to incorporate the outfield and goalkeeper kits into a single kits section. We will also add a new zoom feature that will allow you to examine many of the kits in greater detail, as well as adding several new variants we have discovered.

The re-design involves some extensive changes and may take several months to complete so we appreciate your pateience. The site will remain accessible throughout and we will continue to update the 2015/16 season kits.

July 21st 2015

We have uploaded a correction to the shirt worn by Gary Bailey in the League Cup semi-final against Arsenal at Old Trafford in 1982/83 identified by contributor Sean Moran.

July 20th 2015

We have added the pre-season kits worn at the start of the 1995/96 season as well as correcting he shirt numbers worn i the 1995 and 1996 FA Cup Finals. Daniel has also tweaked the shirt number for both the home and third kits worn in 1993/94.

We have also uploaded a photo sent to us by Dermot McCarthy of a long sleeved embroidered shirt prepared for Arthur Albiston's testimonial but not worn during the game.

Finally we will be dding the kits worn in this season's pre-season tour games in the USA, the last of the Nike kits before the new adidas contract begins on Augusrt 1st.

July 8th 2015

Two new goalkeeper kits have been added to the 1998/99 page, the ome kit worn in pre-season and the kit worn in Teddy Scott's testiomonial game.

We have also added the three kits worn in the 1998 pre-season games.

July 7th 2015

Daniel has been busy checking United's pre-season kits. We have added all the kits worn in the 1999 and 2000 pre-season games. We have also added a new goalkeeper's kit worn in the 1999 pre-season. Daniel has also discovered that in the friendly against South China in Hong Kong Bosnich wore the long sleeved change kit but with the sleeves cut off above the elbow.

We have also tweaked the shirt numbers on the European home shirts 1999-2001 and third shirts 1999/2000.

June 19th 2015

We have added the kits worn by United in the 1988 pre-season. Daniel has also discovered a new sock style worn in the 1995/96 UEFA Cup. Both the corrected outfield and goalkeeper's kits have been uploaded.

June 6th 2015

The improved Premier League logo has been added to the gaolkeeping shirts for the seasons from 2007/08. We have also uploaded new goalkeeper number graphics for the 2002/03 and 2003/04 seasons, and corrected a mistake on the 1984/85 European goalkeeper shirts.

Daniel has discovered a new shirt won by Scmeichel in the 1991/92 season. In the opening fixtures the shirt did not have the Football League sleeve patch. The graphics of all the gaolkeeping shirts and numbers have also been improved for this season and for 1990/91.

We have added the kit worn at Maine Road against City in the Manchester International Tournament in 1987/88 and corrected the kits worn in the Amsterdam Tornament 1986/87.The kits worn in the 1990/91 pre-season games have also been added.

Finally the shorts worn as part of United's European kit during the 1999/2000 season featured two gold stars on the club badge. We have revised the page.

June 1st 2015

Now the season is over Daniel's match by match summary of the kits worn by de Gea and Valdes in 2014/15 has been uploaded.

Regular contributor Keith Ellis has discovered a photo of United in the V-neck aertex shirt worn at the start of the 1967/68 season, whilst Sean Moran and Tony Russell have identified kits worn by United in 1972/73 and 1975/76. The pages for those seasons have been updated.

Also thanks to Tom Erik Gundersen who sent us a photo of a 1992/93 third kit shirt which clearly shows the Umbro logo was embroidered.

Daniel has discovered that the black shorts worn by United in the Maine Road 'derby' in 1975/76 were not plain as we first believed. They were loaned from City's change kit and featured an Umbro logo. This has been confirmed by United shirt collector Mike Dixon

January 2nd 2015

A happy New Year to United fans everywhere. Tim has created a Facebook page for United Kits and we will be adding Like buttons to this site shortly.

Over the holidays we have received a couple of interesting contributions. Roy Jeffries sent a photo of a new variant home shirt from 1975/76, probably worn at Park Head in the testimonial for Bobby Lennox and Jimmy Johnstone in May 1976.

Krisi Blazeski has pointed out that whenever United have worn black shorts with their home kit this season, the shorts are from the change kit (i.e. with a red Nike swoosh and not a white swoosh as we were showing). He's also provided a little known fact that in 1997/98 Wes Brown made his United début in a replica shirt rather than a player's issue shirt.

Thanks to Roy and Krisi.

December 7th 2014

Daniel discovered a small error on the Premier League player's shirt numbers from 2007-2014. He has corrected this error and the 2007/08 to 2014/15 season pages have been updated.

November 23rd 2014

Daniel has discovered the kits worn in the four 1986/87 pre-season games. The web page for this season has been updated with these kits. The final pre-seson game was Steve Coppell's testimonial.

November 1st 2014

Sean Moran has discovered photographs of United wearing the Admiral kit for the first time in a pre-season friendly in Jakarta in June 1975. We have updated the 1975/76 pages to include the new kit.

Since our last update Daniel has discovered United's 'keeper's shirt included a number on the back for the first time during 1973/74. Daniel has also revised the goalkeeper shirt numbers 1992-94, which were embriodered rather than printed on the shirt as we had originally thought.

Finally we have corrected the kit worn against Fejenoord in the 1983/84 pre-season friendly.

August 6th 2014

We have added a new variant of this season's home shirt (with a red button) spotted on the US Tour by contributor Yuanjie Wu, as well as the new goalkeeper third kit. The style of shirt numbers have also been added for this season, for both the outfield and goalkeeper shirts.

July 30th 2014

All three of the new United kits have been added to the 2014/15 page, and we have also added the two goalkeeper kits for 2014/15.

July 15th 2014

United have announced a new ten year agreement with adidas from 2015/16.

July 9th 2014

Nike have announced they will not renew their contract to supply United's kit from the start of the 2015/16 season. We have added Tim's designs of the new 2014-15 home kit, Nike's last, to the site. Tim has also designed a new wallpaper featuring George Stacey's 1909 Cup Final shirt. The wallpaper can be downloaded for free here.

July 7th 2014

United have announced the new home kit for 2014/15. It will be available from July 16th and worn for the first time in the tour game against LA Galaxy on July 23rd.

May 27th 2014

We have completely revised the goalkeeper shirts from 1980 -1990 with new variants added and some minor corrections made. The shirts are now featured across three pages. We have also added a new variant of the Admiral third kit discovered by Tim, and a correction to the white shorts worn with the change kit in 2000/01 spotted by Daniel.

Our next major update will be the inclusion of United's 2014/15 kits.

May 26th 2014

Daniel has discovered two new goalkeeper variant kits worn on the pre-season tour of South East Asia in 2001/02. We have corrected the shirt numbers worn against Athinaikos in 1991/92 and in Korea in the 2009/10 pre-season friendly, as well as some minor errors.

May 23rd 2014

We have added Tim's new banner design to the site. If you are a regular visitor please refresh the page to make sure you are viewing the most up-to-date pages.

May 22nd 2014

We have added a link to a new website LoStadio Illustrations. Artist Neil Howard has several prints of classic United shirts for sale. Neil has also produced four stunning images of Old Trafford in 1962 for the latest volume of Paul's Match2Match series which covers the 1962/63 season and is to be published in June.

May 12th 2014

With the season finally over, we have updated both the outfield and goalkeeper kits for 2013/14 and added Daniel's excellent summary of the goalkeeper kits match by match.

May 10th 2014

Charbel Boujaoude has uncovered a newspaper account of the public practice match in August 1897 that confirms Newton Heath's change kit.

We will keep the site updated with news over the coming months but it's time for a break. Enjoy the summer.

April 30th 2014

We have added a new kit variant identified by Daniel from 1958/59 - it was worn in the friendly against Fejenoord. The 1960/61 season has also been updated and now includes the kit worn against Real Madrid.

Mark Hutton has sent a plausible suggestion for the Admiiral change shirt with red stripes.

April 4th 2014

Denis Hurley has contacted us regarding the shirt worn in the second half against Arsenal in 1999/2000 - apparently the shirt was numbered but did not have Bosnich's name on it. We have updated the goalkeeper kit page for 1999/2000.

With a project of this size we will make the occassional mistake or typo. If you see any please let us know so we can correct them. A couple of errors on the 2008/09 pages spotted by James Burke have been corrected, and the kit worn in the game at Porto added.

February 25th 2014

The remaining graphics of the shirt numbers for the goalkeeper kits (1974-1992) have been added to the site. Daniel has worked hard to identify both the style of the shirt numbers as well as previously undiscovered kit variants.

February 5th 2014

We have been sent a couple of photos of a replica Admiral change shirt from the mid-Seventies by Tim Stevens. Rather than a black trim it is red! The shirt and Tim's story can be seen here. Meanwhile if you have any information on the replica shirt please contact us.

January 27th Weekly Update

Daniel's graphics of the keeper numbers for the seasons from 2000/01 to 2013/14 have been added to the site.

Daniel has also completed his research of the goalkeeper numbers worn between 1974-1992, and we are looking at including his new graphics for this period in the coming weeks.

Daniel has also discovered photographic evidence that the first adidas home kit (without the sleeve trim) was worn in a testimonial at Celtic Park in August 1980. As an experiment both teams included the players' names on the backs of their shirts for the very first time. See the 1980/81 page.

January 10th Weekly Update

Daniel has researched the style of the shirt names/numbers on United's goalkeeper shirts since the inception of the Premier League in 1992/93. We will be adding Daniel's graphics of the keeper numbers over the next few weeks, but have already completed the seasons from 1992/93 to 1999/20000.

Unfortunately the lack of photographs of United's 'keepers pre 1992 may make it impossible for us to include the gaolkeeper shirt numbers prior to this date.

January 7th 2014 Design improvement for smart phones

We have made slight alterations to the design to improve the display of this site on mobile devices. Most of the pages have been updated but the process is on-going. Please let us know if a particular page or section is difficult to view on your smart phone.

January 1st 2014 Happy New Year!

A happy New Year to all our readers. The kits and stats for the 2013/14 season have been updated.

November 10th 2013 Weekly Update

Tim has designed a new wallpaper to mark United's 20th Championship and it is available as a free download.

Tim has also been talking with Mark Wylie at United's Museum and we have corrected our earlier update on United's kit worn in the first game at Old Trafford against Liverpool in 1909/10. United DID wear their normal home kit in this match.

Finally Sean Moran, quickly becoming our resident Seventies expert, has identified several more of the games which we had been missing United's kit, including new change kit variants from 1972/73 and 1979/80, as well as several corrections to our earlier identifications. He's also found a photo from Martin Buchan's testimonial that's allowed Daniel to have a stab at the shirt numbers for that game.

November 6th 2013 Server Update

The server on which unitedkits is hosted was briefly turned off for routine maintainance. You may notice some pages are missing although we believe we have uploaded all of the pages 'lost' in the maintainance. Please contact us if a page is missing.

November 3rd 2013 - Weekly Update

Sean Moran has been scouring YouTube for some of the missing kits from the Seventies. He's identified a new variant worn at Newcastle in 1971/72 as well as ending the mystery of United's all-green kit supposedly worn in John Whelan's testimonial in 1968.

October 30th 2013 - Weekly Update

We have updated the goalkeeper kits for the 1999/2000, 2000/01 and 2008/09 seasons. Daniel has also revised the style of the shirt numbers worn during the 1985/86 season.

Contributor Sean Moran has sent photographic evidene of several of the missing kits worn in matches in 1975/76 and 1976/77. Cheers Sean.

October 17th 2013 - Weekly Update

The kit worn by United in Stan Ternent's Testimonial in August 2004 has been added to the 2004/05 page. We have been unable to confirm if the shirt number included the Premier League branding or not. If you can help please contact us.

October 3rd 2013 - Weekly Update

This season's European kits have been updated with the correct short number style and player's name and numbers. The outfield players can be seen here and the goalkeeper kits here.

We have also corrected the socks on the 2005/06 goalkeeper change kit and Daniel has completed a match by match analysis of the kits worn by United's goalkeepers that season which can be downloaded as a pdf file.

September 14th 2013 - Weekly Update

Pavel Shalaev has identified a change variant worn by United in the opening game at Old Trafford which has been added to the 1909/10 page.

We will be adding the new European kits for this season after the first game in the Champions' League.

September 1st 2013 - Weekly Update

We have updated this season page with the kits worn in United's games against Chelsea and at Liverpool. Daniel has discovered several more players who wore the retail replica shirt in the 2010/11 FA Cup semi-final.

August 18th 2013 - Weekly Update

We have updated this season page with the kit worn in United's great win at Swansea. Daniel has discovered several more games during 2010/11 when players wore the retail replica shirts rather than the player's issue shirts.

August 14th 2013 - Mid-week Update

The goalkeepers' third kit for 2013/14 has been uploaded along with the outfield and goalkeeper kits worn in Rio Ferdiand's Testimonial game, and in the Community Shield. We have also added a site map to aid navigation.

We will continue to update the outfield players and the goalkeeper kits throughout the season.

August 10th 2013 - Corrections

We have revised the Arthur Albiston Testimonial kit after information from the excellent MUFC Shirts that the shirts were NOT embroidered with the match details as we had previously thought.

We have also corrected the 2000/01 Champions' League kits and the 2001/02 Premier League kits after Chinn Yen Cheow sent us information on the sleeve patches used in those seasons.

July 28th 2013 - Weekly Update

The final outfield players' kits from 1992 to 2010 have been uploaded to complete five months hard work redesigning the site. We have also added a host of miscellaneous kits and a new Help! page - can you shed any information on the two mystery kits we have identified?

July 24th 2013 - New Season Kits Added

We have added the outfield and goalkeeper kits worn so far on United's pre-season tour games.

July 21st 2013 - Weekly Update

Paul Jolleys sent us a photo of the goalkeeper shirt worn in Arthur Albiston's testimonial which had the match details embroidered below the club badge. We have updated the Arthur Albiston page with this detail.

We have also began an archive of the Latest News articles that have appeared here since the relaunch of the site on March 1st 2013.

June 29th 2013 - Weekly Update

The last remaining goalkeeper pages (for the seasons 2001/02 through to 2010/11) have been uploaded and we have revised the embroidery on the Munich Memorial shirts.

June 23rd 2013 - Weekly Update

The Testimonial pages have been uploaded and now include the club's centenary game against Real Madrid in 1978.

Daniel has been busy since the end of the season researching the goalkeeper kits. He has made some revisions to his graphics as well as adding new variant kits. The goalkeeper kits from 1992/93 up until 2000/01 have now been added to the site.

We intend to complete the goalkeeper kits and then add the final few season's of outfield player kits.

June 15th 2103 - Latest News.

We have begun work updating the site after a hectic end to the season and our summer holidays. The kit index pages have been redesigned so that they look good on smart phones in both landscape or portrait and we have completed the details for the 2012/13 season.

The comments page has been re-instated and our email system is again fully functional. Please leave your comments or contact us.

The outfield player's kits have been added for all the seasons between 1967/68 and 1979/80 which means that all of the pre Premier League seasons are now completed.

March 23rd 2013 - Weekly Update

A further twenty seasons of outfield kits have been uploaded - covering the seasons between 1946/47 and 1965/66. The post war seasons, the birth of the Babes and the Championship successes of the Sixties are all covered.

Daniel has also been casting his expert eye over the pages uploaded so far and identified several errors that have all been corrected. He’s also discovered a new variant kit worn at Hibs on Boxing Day 1981.

March 17th 2013 - Weekly Update

We have uploaded the kit pages for the era of adidas produced kits (1980 - 1992). As part of the redesign process we are also looking at new evidence and correcting details on the kits and adding new variant kits. An example is the 1991/92 European change kit - the adidas logo on the shirt number was inked out to meet UEFA regulations. Spotted by Daniel and verified by Paul Jolleys.

Another example are two variants worn in the 1979 Cup Final which were originally identified by Tommy and Daniel.

March 10th 2013 - Weekly Update

We have uploaded a host of kit pages in the past week. The Newton Heath kits 1878-1902 are now complete, and the early United kits from 1902 until the outbreak of the Second World War have been added. As part of the process we have re-examining our research and studying new photographic evidence which has led to corrections in some of the kits. Notably we have found evidence that the iconic black sock with red and white top was first worn in 1924/25.

There are separate pages for the kits worn during the two Wars (1915-1919 and 1939-45. We have also uploaded index pages for the outfield and goalkeeper kits.

Our intention is to upload more kit pages in the coming week so watch this space!

March 3rd 2013- Weekly Update

Over the weekend the information pages about this site, the free downloads and articles on the history of United's kits have all been uploaded. We've also made a start on the newly designed kit pages; the goalkeeper kits from 1909 to 1992 have been uploaded, as have this season and last season's outfield and goalkeeper's kits, and all the Newton Heath kits worn in their pre League years (1878-1891).

We will continue uploading pages throughout the coming week with an update next weekend.

March 1st 2013 - is back!

unitedkits has been re-launched - with a new design that should look as good on your smart phone or tablet as it does on your laptop or desktop.