Season 1909/10
original illustrations of the kits worn during the season

Change Kit
Change Kit variant
Third Kit
Third Kit variant

The Season in brief

It was a disappointing season for United, who finished fifth and lost in the FA Cup first round at Turf Moor. Their preparations had been disrupted by the suspension of most of the club professionals before the start of the season for refusing to resign from the Players' Union. This resulted in the cancellation of the pre-season practice games, and so we have no squad photos to determine United's kits.

The season's highlight was undoubtedly the move to Old Trafford in February, despite Liverpool's 4-3 victory in the first game played t the ground. We can assume from photographs from the opening game that United's home kit was unchanged. For the first game of the season, at Bank Street against Bradford City, the United players wore a Players' Union armband. Within a month the FA and League had banned this practice.

We assume that United's change kit was also unchanged, although we know from Leslie Millman's flicker photostream that United wore white shirts with a red V in the game at Bramall Lane on October 23rd. Evidence of a 'third' kit has been discovered by Tony Sealey, the Spurs' kit historian, sent us a match report from the home game against Sheffield United in March which confirms United wore blue and black shirts to avoid a colour clash.

From the start of the season, goalkeepers had to wear a different coloured shirt to outfield players, with the colour options limited to either royal blue, scarlet or white. Based upon the limited colours available and later photographs, we believe it is likely that United's goalkeepers wore an all white shirt of similar style to that of the outfield players. Photographs suggest that Harry Moger, United's first choice 'keeper, frequently wore a collared under-shirt.

The colour of United's goalkeeper change shirt was likely to have been royal blue, as scarlet would have clashed with the rest of the team and with the opposition when a change was necessary.